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Soil Restoration LLC. is a family business based in Culver, Oregon, and was founded in 2005 by Jim Roth, a North Dakota State University graduate with a degree in Agronomy. With over 45 years of experience, Jim has been involved in various agricultural projects, including alfalfa research, introducing leaf-cutter bees into Arizona and Egypt as pollinators, and hybridizing carrots in Central Oregon.

However, his involvement as a consultant with an Argentinian-based alfalfa company was the catalyst that led to the formation of Soil Restoration LLC.  The common misuse of chemicals on the crops being studied nearly destroyed yields. Fortunately, Jim was able to gain knowledge from a biochemist on how to change the soil composition and therefore salvage the harvest utilizing biology and bacteria. Hence, Jim recognized the acute need for soils to be replenished with biology in order to fully empower plant life. This essential consideration of soil health during the germination, growth, and production phases was formulated and is now manufactured as products of Soil Restoration LLC.

Plant Outside

Manufacturing Plant Soil Restoration, LLC.

Plant Inside

Interior – Manufacturing Plant Soil Restoration, LLC.


Plant panoramic

Panoramic View of Manufacturing Plant Soil Restoration, LLC.





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