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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)


Q  Which species of bacteria are in Organic DIGESTER-PLUS?

A  There are over 25+ species of bacillus aerobic bacteria and fungi.


Why is your product different compared to other products on the market?

A  Ours is complete; The species of bacillus aerobic bacteria are recognized as beneficial in plant growth, and all macro-nutrients,       micro-nutrients, and trace elements aid to increase the energy in the soil for maximum plant growth.


Will your Organic DIGESTER-PLUS harm my animals or me?

No, it is not considered harmful. However, we do not recommend consuming ODP.


Q  Are there any temperature concerns (heat or freezing) of which to be aware?

A  Storing above 125°F will dramatically decrease the population of beneficial bacteria. Freezing will have little effect. The bacteria go dormant and begin to grow again when the temperature reaches 40-45°F.


What is the shelf life of your products?

A  If properly stored, we know it has a shelf life of over 5 years.


Q  For what can Organic DIGESTER-PLUS be used?

Other than being used on a field, ODP can be applied to house plants, gardens, shrubs, flowers, lawns, manure, human waste, and compost.


Q   When should I start my application of Organic DIGESTER-PLUS?

A   It is beneficial to add our product to soils at any time. However, apply in Autumn for best results when aiding in the decomposition of crop trash. For manure application, it is best to add ODP in the beginning of the cycle when there is the small amount of manure present in hog pits, lagoon, or manure slurry storage unit.


Q   Where do I apply Organic DIGESTER-PLUS for manure digestion?

A  For maximum efficacy, apply directly onto the raw material going into the system. As the product moves through the system the population of the bacteria will increase. If solids are a problem in your lagoon, apply additional product directly under the solids.


I have agitation equipment in my lagoon. Should I use this equipment?

A  Yes, the agitation equipment will cause Organic DIGESTER-PLUS and manure to mix more quickly, speeding up the digestion process.


What do I look for to know that Organic DIGESTER-PLUS is working?

A  Results have shown that the manure in the lagoon will be mostly liquefied, and there will be a reduction and change in the odor.


Q  Will Organic DIGESTER-PLUS work on dry crusted matter that has formed on top of my lagoon?

A  Yes, but you must add it to the liquid below the crust for optimum digestion.


Q   I have several feet of solids on the bottom of my lagoon. What will Organic DIGESTER-PLUS do?

A  We have experienced a significant reduction in the amount of solids in a 14 day period, reducing it from 18 inches down to 9 inches of solids within 9 days.*


*Results may vary.


 Posted on : August 29, 2014

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