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Pricing based on Recommended 16 oz./Acre- $40.00

Welcome to Advanced Soil Restoration

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the proud Makers of Organic DIGESTER-PLUS





16 Oz.(pint)- 1-2 Acres of land, garden, shrubs and trees $40.00

1 Gallon- $250.00

2 Gallons- $500.00



What is Organic DIGESTER-PLUS, or “ODP”?


Organic DIGESTER-PLUS is a product made up of organic substances, fungi, microorganisms such aerobic bacteria, and molasses as a source of energy for the microorganisms. Organic DIGESTER-PLUS is not itself a fertilizer, but a soil amendment. A soil amendment is defined as a substance that is comprised of all the macronutrients, micronutrients and trace elements and less than 1% of Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

When the product is applied to the soil, the microorganisms within it begin to multiply due to the aerobic bacteria and the nutrient rich environment they create. The microorganisms start the process of digesting and removing all of the harmful elements in the soil, while also making the nutrients-micro and macro-available to the plant life.

Our manufacturing process is systematic. The order in which we add each component produces specific chemical reactions that are necessary to make the bacteria dormant until they are released (via application of the product) onto the field. The soil must be at least 45 degrees F to multiply the bacteria.

This process flocculates the soil (separates the soil particles, allowing space for air and water at the same time). This airspace is essential for creating the necessary balance of air, water and soil. Without this space the soil can only be either oversaturated or dried out. Such a situation is detrimental because it results in stoppage of the root growth, restricting the growth of the plant above ground.

Organic DIGESTER-PLUS is a unique product because it is specialized for remediation, where there are excesses of chemicals (i.e. oil spills and fertilizer remnants). It is also utilized in manure lagoons and pits to reduce gases and transform manure into a balanced fertilizer to be used on various crops.

Ultimately, Organic DIGESTER-PLUS enables soil to become the ideal environment for plant life.



Soil Restoration LLC’s Mission Statement


Soil Restoration LLC’s mission is to develop and market a product that restores and enhances the soil’s nutritional balance in order to improve the quality of human health.

How we do this? By engineering and manufacturing a soil amendment product that works to balance air, water and soil components and make nutrients available for plant life. We recognize that plants do not respond to the physical presence of nutrients—they actually respond to the energy field that is created by the combination of the available nutrients.


Jim Roth Founder - Soil Restoration, LLC

Jim Roth
Founder – Soil Restoration, LLC


Soil Restoration, LLC has it’s manufacturing facility in Culver, Oregon.

Plant Outside

Manufacturing Plant Soil Restoration, LLC.

Plant Inside

Interior – Manufacturing Plant Soil Restoration, LLC.


Plant panoramic

Panoramic View of Manufacturing Plant Soil Restoration, LLC.

 Posted on : June 27, 2017

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