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Organic Digester-PLUS
Use in Livestock Lagoons




Five (5) gallons of Organic DIGESTER-PLUS per million gallons.


Usage in Dairy Barns

Application Rate:

Five (5) gallons of Organic DIGESTER-PLUS per million gallons put into the first pit.

Application Method:

Product can be applied in the gutter.  Make sure no chemical disinfectants or products containing chlorine are used for disinfecting/cleaning the barn.


Use in Hog Barns

Application Rate:

Four (4) gallons, two times per year of Organic DIGESTER-PLUS for a 40’ X 440’ barn holding 2,400 hogs.

Application Method:

Preferably apply with at least 10 inches of liquid in the pit. Apply using a PVC or metal pipe that can be pushed all the way to the bottom of the pit.


  •  ODP must be applied at 16 locations throughout a barn this size for optimum results.

  •  The product works from the bottom of the pit up.

  •  Use a funnel to pour the product into the pipe.


Extra Benefits

  •  ODP is also effective in reducing foaming and flies around the hog pits.

  •  Increased yields have been observed when the treated manure is applied to fields.


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 Posted on : August 29, 2014

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