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Why Organic DIGESTER-PLUS is Superior as an Effluent Digester


Organic DIGESTER-PLUS is registered  organic by WSDA and is accepted by other independent organic certifying agencies.

  • The product is complete with macro, micro, and trace elements, which sustain the digesting microbes.
  • Once the effluent is digested utilizing Organic DIGESTER-PLUS, flagellates (aerobic bacteria) are the dominant bacteria as opposed to ciliates (anaerobic bacteria), converting the solution from anaerobic to aerobic.
  • Organic DIGESTER-PLUS is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-caustic; no detrimental effects will result if consumed by humans or animals.
  • Once digested, the effluent can be utilized as a fertilizer or soil amendment.
  • Organic DIGESTER-PLUS aids in the elimination of fecal odor as well as flammable methane gas.
  • The solids in the effluent have been reduced to levels as low as 15% after use of Organic DIGESTER-PLUS which is beneficial for removal, pumping and applying.





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 Posted on : September 1, 2014

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